Three Monthly Nutrition Review

Many people kick off the year with New Year's resolutions. Often these involve variation to diet, like committing to only eating out once a week.

I'm telling you that's not good enough.

Waiting twelve months to make a vague commitment to yourself where no one holds you accountable is just lazy and a complete waste of time. You're better than that.

If you're not familiar with dietary basics, you should do yourself a favour and spend an hour reading up on it. You can even check out last week's post that discusses macros vs micros.

Once you've gotten a basic understanding, you need to apply your new found knowledge to your own diet. I like to do this in the form of a three monthly nutrition review. This essentially occurs in three monthly cycles and the way I do so is by tracking my every meal and snack (including water intake) through an app like MyFitnessPal for one week.

Once the week is over, review your three biggest deficiencies or problems. Identify them, make the necessary adjustments and carry on. In three months time, repeat the process and be sure to compare your previous deficiencies. If they are the same, make the same adjustments again. If different, act accordingly.

This should be a bare minimum. You only have the one body, so you owe it to yourself to treat it with this minimum level of respect. Feel free to deconstruct micronutrients as you become more advanced for additional benefits, however until you actually diarize your entries you won't realize your deficiencies.

For me personally, I've always eaten a relatively healthy diet, but doing this three monthly nutrition review originally allowed me to figure out that I actually wasn't eating enough, and that I also was struggling to get an adequate amount of fibre in my diet. From there, the review also allowed me to significantly adjust other micronutrient consumption to optimize the way I feel and my physical performance.

No diet is perfect, so none of you have an excuse not to do this.  

Finding the time for a business on the side

“I don’t have enough time to start a business”.

This excuse has undoubtedly prevented the establishment of some of the most successful businesses of all time.

Most prospective entrepreneurs caged by this excuse underestimate the time and effort they can afford to give to the formation and development of a business.

Naturally, this underestimation leads us to believe that while we offer our services of employment to other businesses, finding the time for a business on the side is impossible. This is in fact a myth.

The beauty of starting a business is that most of our time and efforts in the start up phase can be accumulated however quickly or slowly we choose. If you are working long hours currently, there is no strict rule on how much time you must devote. Think of what you could achieve in 2019 alone if you started working on your side hustle tomorrow.

Even three hours a week may seem trivial and not worth the extra effort, however after the next eleven months you will have spent roughly 144 hours on the project, or the equivalent of almost 4 full time working weeks!

You'll also find that once you build momentum, it's easier to motivate yourself to find additional time during the week.