Hi, my name is Lachlan Sue

Prioritize Your Thinking is a platform that looks to share my experience and understanding of business, finance, health and philanthropy to anyone that's eager to expand their own knowledge.

I’ve worked in the tax and financial advice industry for 8 years and have also acquired bachelors in both Business Administration and Laws, as well as graduate diplomas in both Applied Tax and Financial Planning.

My goal is to provide a critical information resource that focuses on material that I consider to be fundamental for personal growth. 

Now more than ever we are spoon-fed garbage that clouds our mental capacity to think deeply about the truly important decisions that we face. My goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to prioritize the information made available to them, and in doing so I wish to give people a sense of self-dependence and empowerment, knowing that they have fully resourced themselves to make educated and informed choices.

I'm trying to deliver messages through a medium that gives easily digestible exposure to key topics, while also not shying from theoretical discussions for those who wish to think critically.