Take Advantage of Capitalism

As I was creating the previous post, it got me thinking about capitalism, or perhaps more specifically some of the negative opinions it seems to garner.

As this blog is not intended to have a political voice, I don't want to discuss the various advantages or disadvantages and come to a philosophical outcome of whether it's a beneficial system. If you're reading this alone, I imagine you have you're own tilt towards one side of the discussion anyway, but the fact is this: we live in a capitalist society.

Broadly speaking, we all have the capacity to become as successful as we like. It's easy to sit back and complain about how the wealthiest people control the bulk of the financial and political power of the world, but that's just how it is. Rather than allowing envy to overcome you to the point that you hate those in power, become one of those people.

If you're a philanthropist at heart, then join the wealthiest and most successful and use your newfound resources to help those around you. There are no insurmountable barriers to your entry. Any that you can think of are simply excuses you wish to make in order to justify laziness.

Take advantage of capitalism. It's not easy. If it were, everyone would do it.