Time is Money: Part Four - Delete the Facebook app.

Hold up! Before you start rattling off reasons not to, just hear me out on this one.

Everyone has Facebook, let’s just go with that generalization. For those that don’t you can read anyway to stock up on new material for when you’re inevitably confronted by that one guy at a party who thinks his life’s purpose is to tell you to get social media to “keep up with the times”.

The problem with Facebook is that while most people say they use it for one reason, they more often than not use it for another. Whether this is an intention of the consumer or not varies from case to case.

Facebook is great for indirectly keeping in contact with people… and their latest unfounded opinions on global politics.

But in between these social interactions, the platform is plagued with promotional material, junk content and “dank memes”. This material is all designed for instant gratification. It’s easy to consume because there is always an instant pay off. Everyone would remember vines: videos restricted to roughly 10 seconds in length used to convey some sort of humour or message. These became such a hit because the pay off was almost instant. A viewer could consume the content in 10 seconds and move on to the next message.

Although the craze has died down, Facebook and other social media platforms thrive from similar notions of instant gratification. The problem is that this is actually a false sense of fulfillment.  

Now for those who couldn’t stand to live without their social media fix, I’m not necessarily saying you have to. Don’t delete your account, just delete the app. We can all say what we’d prefer to do instead of scroll through our feed all day, but how many of us end up doing it anyway. It all comes down to accessibility.

So do yourself a favour and delete the app. If you desperately need to use Facebook for some reason, open it through your internet browser. Sure it’ll be clunky, but use that inconvenience as a sort of trigger to direct you to something more important, perhaps even your Priorities List.

I don’t need to show you the numbers, just think about how much value you can create by taking back the time that is yours.