Time is Money: Part Two - Take a typing course

A couple of months ago I was watching one of my friends clumsily type up one of his major assessments for his Masters of Business Admin. Fast forward to a few days ago and he told me that he had in fact two-finger-typed his way to a high distinction. This got me thinking.

Obviously my friend’s time is incredibly valuable if he's writing high distinction responses. If this is the case, then he must be losing some serious time just in translating the brilliance in his mind to the screen in front of him.

Now unlike part one I’m not going to do all the step-by-step math in front of you, but I will throw around a couple of figures for you to think about.

Conducting my own test, for me personally I found typing with two fingers over a short period of time to be 33% slower than my normal typing (which by the way is far from perfect). Using just 3 hours total weekly time spent typing, which for me is very conservative, being able to type the way I do saves me 1 hour per week.

Whether writing assignments, emails or reports for work, this extra hour would help anyone! In fact, you can check out just how much time or money typing faster could save you here.

From a broader perspective, always take time to step back and analyze how you approach your work or your passions. Be open to criticism and never shy away from an opportunity to improve.