Welcome to Prioritize Your Thinking


You brush your teeth every morning. You shower, get dressed, eat some kind of breakfast.

Without even thinking about it you naturally prioritize all of these activities. You can also value their relative importance based on how likely you are to repeat them.

If you sleep in and your alarm wakes you 15 minutes before you have to leave for work, how does your morning routine change? If you stop to think about it, it's easy to list your daily or even weekly priorities in order of their importance, purely based on which you would give up first. 

I have just shown you how you naturally prioritize your actions.


Unfortunately, while most of us pick up the natural habit of prioritizing our actions appropriately, prioritizing our thinking is often an afterthought.

You might check Facebook daily, or try to post a couple of pictures on Instagram every week. Perhaps you listen to the breakfast show on the radio on your way to work. Some days you'll read the paper, and others you watch the 6 o'clock news. 

But how often do we stop and value the way that we spend such time exercising our brain? More often than not people struggle to prioritize their thinking in accordance with what is most valuable or necessary for personal growth and development. 

We can easily prioritize the actions of our morning routine, so how can we prioritize our daily thoughts and ideas in a similar way? 


With an increased sense of awareness, you're already one step closer. Consider yourself more in touch with your own thought priorities.

Moving forward it is important to consider your time as an investment. What activities or thoughts deserve to occupy a space in your daily, weekly or yearly routine?

Scrolling through social media feeds consuming 10 second videos designed to give you instant, yet false satisfaction - does this obsession deserve half an hour per day?

The Prioritize Your Thinking blog - The Priorities List - provides regular insight to interesting ideas that stretch your mind to think outside the social media bubble so many of us are trapped inside. Even redistributing 10 minutes of your time every other day can do wonders for your social awareness and personal growth.